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Spare Parts Supplies of Road Construction Equipment

Since 1970 Hong Seng Engineering has been operating to serve as a spare part specialist for mining industries in Malaysia. In Year 2007 Hong Seng Engineering had decided to set up another company Loong Fatt Machinery Trading Pte Ltd to fully focus on road construction equipment, which include sales, rental and spare part supplies. With their experience & specialty over 30 years in machining under their belt they are able to provide customize solution in the demanding world of road construction equipment to suit your needs. We take pride in our work and believe that quality and value added service always comes first for the customers. It will also be our up most pleasure working with you.


Bitelli & Vogele Converyor Chain

Loading Belt Long Rolle

Milling Machine Converyer Belt

Milling Machine Holider

Milling Machine Scraper Blade

Milling Machine Ski Protector

Milling Sensor Set

Poly Brush & Wire Brush

Track Pad & Rubber

Vogele Automatic Level System

Vogele-2 Auger Set

Vogele-2 Front Roller